This Minnesota women's songwriting collective was started in late 2019, with the following objectives: Creating songs to raise Minneapolis women's voices; Supporting sexual assault survivors; Raising funds for Planned Parenthood. All the songwriters involved were asked to write and record an original song on the subject of #MeToo. Without any further guidelines, the artists delivered songs ranging from heartbreaking songs about surviving sexual assault to inspiring songs about feminist icons and their influence on their lives.

The artists and their songs:
  • Ashleigh Still - Not Fuckin' Around
  • Lydia Liza - Apple in My Pocket
  • Mary Bue - How to Forgive Your Rapist
  • Sarah Morris - Like It's Gospel
  • Annie Mack - Judge and Jury
  • Linnea Mohn - Sum Parts
  • Mayda - Oxygen Tank
  • Tina Schlieske - What Would You Pay (Dear Harvey)
  • Chastity Brown - Afraid of the Night
  • Ang Oase (ft. Christin Light) - Breakup Song
  • Annie Fitzgerald - I Know That Sound
  • Elska - On the Shoulders of Giants
  • r0 (Static Panic) - Sides to Lonely
  • Katy Vernon - Shine
  • Kara Laudon - I Do
  • Averil Bach - Radiation Blues
  • JØUR - Won't Stop Me Now

Thank yous

The artists and team would like to especially thank the following people and organizations that contributed so much to the success of this project.

  • Krista Vilinskis (Tinderbox) - Press guru and amazing woman at large in the Minneapolis Music scene, among many other things, helped get the word out!
  • Sarah Howley (Sarah) - Sarah created all the amazing artwork, design and photography treatments that helped make the fantastic look of this project match the fantastic musical talent represented.
  • Jonathan Earl (Farmhouse Records) - Mastered the entire album, mixed some tunes and recorded some as well! Without him, this project couldn't have come to fruition.
  • Owen Sartori (F5 Soundhouse) - Owen recorded and mixed multiple artists and helped to bring this project into being and we can't thank him enough!
  • Matt Patrick (The Library Recording Studio) - Recording and mixing multiple artists, some on short notice and some from across the country, pushing session files across the internet, we can't thank Matt enough for all his hard and brilliant work!
  • Kevin Bowe (Kevin) - Never hurts to have a Grammy winner throw his name and profound talents behind a project! Thank you Kevin for recording and working with artists!
  • Jacob Slichter (Semisonic) - Grammy nominee Jacob, added his musical talents to Tina's song. We appreciate Jacob's help to make this fantastic tune a reality!
  • Eric Blomquist (River Rock Studios) - Another producer guru who stepped up and donated his time and outstanding talents to the project. Eric worked with multiple artists and helped to create some amazing songs!
  • Annie Fitzgerald (Annie) - Beyond just creating an impactful and gorgeous song for the compilation, Annie helped to lead the design team to create the amazing art and concepts that created all the beautiful images and the web site that are the face of this project.
  • Mischa Suemnig (Mischa) - Mischa executive produced and concepted the album.